Thursday, April 28, 2011

A fine punishment For Madrid

Match start with exactly what i want , 3 holding midfielder.
Messi playing areas are more in the middle, doesn't do much running with ball in to a penalty box.
Barca playing with ball match long without penetrate, and make Madrid frustration getting the ball. Which make a lot of emotional tackle.
First half Madrid doesn't have many possession. Exactly like i predicted.

Second half its getting better. Madrids are more frustration, getting tackle a cruel tackle in every area, produce 3 yellow and fonally red fir Pepe, a very deserve red for what he's doing to Alves.
Theb Barca start to turn on their style.. Afellay , again like what i want, enter the field and produce one fine assist, that finished calm and sweet by Messi, whom getting start to running with ball and penetrating madris. This little wizard then double his tally with one great solo goal, that make Ronaldo getting far away from Ballon d'Or this years ( did you see how CR7 frustrate almost any time in this match, doesn't get the ball, can't keep his free kick
down, and his fella doesn't support him)

If only, Madrid can start this match with a good honest will, produces a fine match, not just obey The Mou's dogma "Process doesn't matter, except the result" maybe they aren't fell this bitter lose .
If only Khedira an Carvalho play, Kaka enter on second half, and That idiot Pepe doest exist at all, maybe this match ended with draw.
Credit beside Messi, is Afellay. Very valuable couples. And the second goal is a miracle.
Thanks God i awake and watch thus game. Its a natch between a beautiful team vs a pragmatist/arrogant side.
God is working well, cheers soccer lover!

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