Download Link All Linux Distro

Guys , here the list of most popular linux distro direct link download (DVD's and CD's), order by popularity till this month :

1.  Linux Mint (Mate, DVD 32 Bit ISO)
2.  Ubuntu (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 Bit CD ISO)
3.  Fedora (Fedora 17 32 Bit, Spin CD ISO)
4.  Mageia (32 Bit DVD ISO)
5.  Debian (DVD Series Debian 6.05 ISO)
6.  OpenSuSE (OpenSuSE 12.01 DVD ISO)
7.  ArchLinux (Arch Linux 2011 i686 ISO CD)
8.  Centos (Centos 6.2 LiveDVD ISO)
9.  PC Linux (KDE 2010)
10. Slackware (Slack 13.37 ISO DVD)

Grab while it's still hot ...


pulsa online said…
trims, ijin donlod :)

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