The System That Dominate Us

These last we almost hear and read about one or two company, a high tech company that battle every time to take control our live, our environment. Not just they shoot us many times with a brilliant concept of device, new concept , new habit that influencing in all areas of our live, but they do push us to change our environment, we can say changing our ecosystem of interacting one to another with their product.

I can mention two big fellas , Apple and Google, without underestimating an aggressive movement from hardware manufactured like Samsung. What from these two company are similar right now? Yes , they trying to dominate our environment. I'll remember in the start of 90's where someone have one mobile phone ( a huge one I mean) name it Motorola, Ericcson ( they'd die are they?) . On that time, one device will make anyone see us as a success person.

And today, we are very confuse, what device could make us feeling that way again. Person or let me say, worker who have a laptop, make a call using iPhone, replying email using iPad , and using beam from Samsung Galaxy SIII , still cannot simply called success person. Why, simply thats not a difficult to achieve. That technology are available everywhere, they getting cheaper , and getting just "ordinary". Now I'm looking at my house.

The large LED smart tv also just fine. Maybe two years from how, these guys can demand a box office movie automatically after learning our purchasing history of movie. Set Top Box soon will vanished. With Apple plan to make iTV or whatever they called it later, I think in our living room will be no more battery powers remote control, they just simply operating by voice (Hello Siri) or just standby waiting our motion to commanding them ( hello to Kinect). See, they will dominating us as soon as possible. Can you imagine that we can just go wrong on commanding iTV to rent a adult movies because Siri bug, or they just wrong reading our gesture or mimic goes wrong hahahah..

It will be different from the alien invasion, or whatever mars troopers landing on earth, but it will be the same, they will make us less moving, make us more lazy, more consumptive . It is worth for all the hi-tech stuff to just replace our manual live. I am a geek, nerd or whatever they called it, but yes it make me a little afraid that all my generation after me will dominated by system that created by their consumptive pattern. It's that right or just ' Ahhh No, that's ridiculous !'.


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