Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Software Implementation Problem

When talking about software implementation in a small to huge company, there are several factors that still remain the same.

Success story of project of all progress are split to 2 different problem :
1.   Problem on Software Things ( IT, Programmer, Analyst, etc)
2.   Everything outside the number 1 above.

I mean, exclude the no 1 problems, there are many problems we can look up to. Let start with  : Management Policy, User, Documentation, SOP, Infrastructure Procurement, Building, Electricity, Payment and Budgeting.

See, we can say that when talk about these problems that barely always on IT Department shoulders , in fact thats just a proximately 30% true, the 70 % are on number 2 problems.

But we can say in this real life, IT department are mostly problem things. At least they do say so.. heheh