Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update IOS 4.3.3 Direct Download

For you, Apples's gadget lovers, i'll give you direct link download for the latest IOS update (4.3.3). This is a minor update which changes the way the iOS 4 tracking works. iOS 4.3.3 software update has the following changes:
  • Makes cache size smaller.
  • Doesn’t backup the cache to iTunes No longer backs the cache up to iTunes.
  • Deletes Cache entirely if Location Services is off.

The download links for iOS 4.3.3 software is below.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Dead Of Ozama Bin Ladeen and Fake Picture

Today, AS announce the Dead of what they called "Terrorist Most Wanted " Osama Bin Laden. For me , it must be proved by a strong evidence. But then comes up a pictures, which describe "Osama" face with many blood, and one shoot in the head, appear in many blog, and social network.
For me it's a fake pictures.

1.  The 2 fotos, on the same position, same mimic. Funny how people dead just like tehir another mimic a long time ago. The left foto was taken many years ago after 11 Sep incident.
2. Look at his shoulder (on the right photo). It's smaller than the left one. Funny, Osama had a bigger head after being killed hehehhe.
It's a big fake.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mengubah Tanggal pada Centos Server

Bulan lalu, pas lagi closing dan kebetulan sampai larutmalam sekitar jam 11, tiba2 transaksi data pada aplikasi web kantor pindah ke tanggal besok, sehingga beberapa transaksi penutupan sudah pindah tanggal ke esok hari..
Pejabat di kantor udah panik, dan pas di cek ke server (was Fedora 8) ternyata memang jam di server lebih cepat 1 jam lebih dibanding jam seharusnya. Nah biasanya mudah , klo pake GUI bisa di mundurin, kebetulan karena server cuman console saja..
Testing pake perintah "date", hanya menampilkan info. Pake perintah "time"  ternyata bukan seperti yang sy inginkan fungsinya. Setelah hampir beberapa jam mencoba perintah akhirnya menemukan perintah
"date MMDDhhmmYY"
MM = Month/Bulan (2 digit)
DD  = Date/Tanggal (2 digit)
hh  = Hours/Jam (2 digit)
mm = Minutes/Menit (2 digit)
YY = Year/Tahun (2 Digit)

Solve… :)