Sepeda dan sepeda Motor tenaga Angin (Air Pressure )

There is now a Compressed Air Powered Motorcycle.

Compressed air is one very viable way to store energy. We have learned how to store air at high pressures in excess of 10,000 psi for activities like SCUBA diving many years ago. Diving with an air tank containing significant compressed energy is something that is routine for many divers.

After a SCUBA compressed air tank explodes

After a SCUBA compressed air tank explodes – Wikipedia

Make no mistake if one of these tanks was to fall over and the valve be broken off when full, this tank would launch itself into the air like a rocket and embed itself several hundred feet away.

Based on this,using this technology to store energy for vehicles such as cars and motorcycles is not so far fetched as we might think.

The O2 compressed air motorcycle

The O2 compressed air motorcycle

That is exactly what this next company has done which is make a compressed air motorcycle.

A compressed air powered motorcycle

A compressed air powered motorcycle

The motorcycle is called the O2 Pursuit and the bike is emissions free if the air was compressed using renewable energy such as solar or wind and makes a great combination with these.

The O2 Pursuit air powered motorcycle

The O2 Pursuit air powered motorcycle

The O2 Pursuit.

The motorcycle is capable of 85 km/hr and a significant range of travel. Acceleration is excellent as  the weight is very light with out a traditional gas engine and fuel load.



Maybe this is a technology that we will see in the showrooms soon.




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